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Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd was incepted in November 2008. Being the recipient of the MDEC Preseed Fund, Altriz based its operation at SME 2 Building in Cyberjaya. Currently, Altriz has a dedicated team of designers, modeller and programmers focusing on the developing the Altriz Naval Training Simulator (ANTS).

Since January 2009, Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd has been doing intensive research and development of the Altriz Naval Training Simulator (ANTS) on its own initiative to bring to the Client the capability of our modern tactical communication and navigation training facilities which are capable of providing training in ship maneuvering, visual and voice communication, and plotting exercises. ANTS consists of Fleetwork Trainer and Navigation Trainer modules. ANTS would enable the Client to technically and cost effectively support its training requirements.

To keep pace with the modern maritime challenges, the competency and readiness level of the Client personnel must always be high and to achieve this, the use of modern training aid such as a simulator is inevitable. The FWT enables training to be conducted anytime without deploying any Client ships.

Diagram 1 - Various screens short of Altriz Fleetwork Trainer

In order to develop the Fleetwork Trainer that would meet and support these challenges, Altriz thoroughly analyzed the training requirements of potential clients. We interviewed a range of personnel from the training instructors to the captain of ship. We also studied related training courseware and doctrine provided by our R&D partner, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM).

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Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd has successfully achieved the first milestone in the development of Altriz Naval Training Simulator or ANTS suite by completing the flagship product Fleetwork Trainer module (FWT).

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd is now actively marketing the product in the region and about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a local naval training institution

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Altriz Technology's engineers and modelers work very closely together with domain and maritime experts to ensure our simulator products reflect and approximate the actual situations, conditions and procedures in the field. We spent hundred of hours with ex and present mariners and naval officers and used their valuable feedback to continuously improve our products