Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS)

Features & Advantages

Altriz BridgeShiphandling Simulator System (BSS) have been designed to provide :

EFFICIENCY                          :      Train large numbers of trainees/officers simultaneously
COST EFFECTIVENESS:Accessible for every budget
FLEXIBILITY                          :      Easily adaptable and meet the specific training needs and requirements
HIGH QUALITY          :Highest level of graphical detail and realistic
COMPATIBILITY                          :      Standard interface to connect to external equipment/instrument
EASY TO USE           :User-friendly set of instructions and tools

Altriz Bridge Shiphandling Simulator System (BSS) has been designed with a variety of advantages :

  • USER FRIENDLY : We designed our BSS to be equipped with user friendly integrated system and hardware panels/consoles which can simulate exactly like the crews is on the 'Ship Bridge'. Such features allow the system to create the realistic look and feel.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: From the ground up, we architected the BSS to be able to run off commercial off the shelve (COTS) hardware. The availability of hardware and software has made our simulator worth the investment to be cost effective and promises a highly affordable cost of ownership.
  • ROBUSTNESS: Despite the cost effectiveness, ourBSS has undergone stringent usability and quality control procedure internally, as well as by independent experts from the technology and maritime industry. Altriz's technical team continuously carries out comprehensive testing to ensure that the product maintains it robustness at all times.
  • AGILITY: OurBSS software technology deployed in the development of this simulator is based on proven standards. The standard-based integration between software components and hardware requirements promises easy integration, customization and upgrading to do on the system.
  • SCALABILITY: Being a component of Altriz Naval Training Simulator (ANTS), the BSS inherits the ANTS basic architecture which has been engineered to have high scalability so that it can be customized to meet user's ever changing training needs and future upgrading.

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Latest News

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd has successfully achieved the first milestone in the development of Altriz Naval Training Simulator or ANTS suite by completing the flagship product Fleetwork Trainer module (FWT).

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd is now actively marketing the product in the region and about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a local naval training institution

Do You Know ?

Altriz Technology's engineers and modelers work very closely together with domain and maritime experts to ensure our simulator products reflect and approximate the actual situations, conditions and procedures in the field. We spent hundred of hours with ex and present mariners and naval officers and used their valuable feedback to continuously improve our products