Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS)

Solution Components
ECDIS :An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is computer-based navigation information that can be used as an alternative to paper nautical charts. This ECDIS system been used in our BSS as a system which displays and provide the information from Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) in the same time integrates the position, heading and speed information to the navigator.
GPS :Our BSS Global Positioning System (GPS), is a radio based navigation system that gives three dimensional coverage of Earth 24 hours a day in any weather. In BSS, GPS is the system which able to show the exact position of the ships, target and route based on the latitude and longitude value. Our simulator will simulate the use of GPS for rendezvous operations, minesweeping operation, manoeuvring and navigational purpose.
RADAR :In our BSS we simulated the Radar as an object detection system which uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, directions and speed of objects within its range. In this system, we simulate the detection of target ships, weather condition and terrain. Furthermore, we also used Radar to measure the bearing and distance of ships to prevent collision with other ships, to navigate, and to fix their position at sea when within range of shore or other fixed references such as islands, buoys, lightships and other sea features.
BINOCULAR :Binocular component also included and simulated in this system. In our BSS, it’s one of the visual component which displayed the view from the ship bridge with zooming functionality in three-dimensional view.
LORAN C :Our product also equipped and virtually simulates this component for the crews. This component act as a system which enables own ships to determine their position and speed from low frequency radio signals transmitted by fixed land based on radio beacons, using a receiver unit in BSS. It’s been integrated with the bridge along with other positioning devices such as GPS and ECDIS.
BAROMETER :In our BSS, this component is used to measure the pressure tendency which can forecast the changes in the weather. Our product simulates this instrument to help the ship crews in measuring of air pressure and helps them to analyse the surface and the frontal boundaries at sea.
COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT:Our BSS implementation of radio communication set integrated with the servers make the crews can communicate with other stations verbally in VHF signal.
STEERING CONSOLE :We equipped our BSS with a collection of manoeuvring devices such as steering, rudder pump, autopilot button, and gyro meter. Its main purpose is to direct and navigate the ship to the direction intended by manipulating the rudder angle.
PELORUS :Altriz BSS also simulates the Pelorus function. Pelorus is a Compass with sighting vanes attach to it to acquire relative bearing. With two relative bearing it is possible to measure distance off and distance abeam. It is important to be use when radar fail or not equipped with measuring features.
OVERHEAD PANEL :Our Overhead Panel will display the time, depth, heading, rudder angle, rate of turn, speed, wind speed and direction, and Roll pitch. Its main purpose is to inform the crews on bridge of all important data require for manoeuvring. It is depended to other devices to acquire this information such as gyro meter, echo sounder and anemometer.
ENGINE CONTROL CONSOLE :Our simulator consists of engine ordered telegraph, bow thruster, stern thruster, and auxiliary propulsion unit. Its main purpose is to move the ship forward and certain speed.
COMMAND CONTROL CONSOLE :In our BSS, this component simulates the communication method within ships. This component has several features controller which are Anchor, Lighting, Morse code and Sound. Lighting, Morse code and Sound are another method to communicate with other ships.
ECHOSOUNDER :We implemented the Echosounder as a device to measure the depth. The way it works is by measuring time interval between sending the sonar which hit the floor of the ocean and receiving it back.


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