Bridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS)

Objectives & Technical Capabilities

AltrizBridge Shiphandling Simulator (BSS) system integrates computing power, 3D modelling, ship hydrodynamic, oceanography, environment, and navigation charts to produce a near realistic training environment to train the ship bridge crew to keep themselves abreast with the ship handling, ship manoeuvring, navigations and tactical communication rules and procedures.

Our Product Objectives:

  • Manoeuvring training
  • Navigation training
  • ECDIS training
  • Radar training
  • Operational assessments

Our Product Technical Capabilities :

Graphics :Our simulator graphics are acknowledged as one of the local best in marine/maritime simulation. The realistic models in 3D form generated and been used to produce realistic environment and circumstances when crews or trainees are on board.

Environmental Capabilities :Our simulator system provides a realistic display of any weather condition, various atmospheric phenomena, time of the day, visibility and illumination effects, reflection, sea state levels, ship wake and glare on the water. In addition to overall condition parameters, our product can set up environmental zones to create very realistic environmental conditions; such as fog banks, rain, wind and current effects, and local wave effects.

Visual System :Our simulator has a visual system which it can view 270 to 360 degree visual scene to produce a realistic visual perspective. In addition, the viewing point can be in various distances with zooming function applied. Additionally, on binocular view mode can be activated at the press of a button.

Audio System :Our simulator also has an audio system to produce a realistic and clear sound. For example alarms can be initiated to simulate an array of system malfunctions; including engine, steering, and navigational aid failures.


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Latest News

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd has successfully achieved the first milestone in the development of Altriz Naval Training Simulator or ANTS suite by completing the flagship product Fleetwork Trainer module (FWT).

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd is now actively marketing the product in the region and about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a local naval training institution

Do You Know ?

Altriz Technology's engineers and modelers work very closely together with domain and maritime experts to ensure our simulator products reflect and approximate the actual situations, conditions and procedures in the field. We spent hundred of hours with ex and present mariners and naval officers and used their valuable feedback to continuously improve our products