Fleet Work Trainer (FWT)

Product Key Benefits:
  1. FWT uses state of the art commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and open architecture software which is capable to enhance and meet the Client’s present and future training requirements.
  2. FWT has been designed and developed in a modular form to ensure future expansion and integration. The integration does not limit to new requirement within the FWT but also across other Client’s training facilities.
  3. FWT can be operated by a single person who normally acts as training Instructor or System Administrator. Thus, system competency level can be easily achieved and be able to reduce the training cost.
  4. FWT is very easy to setup. It can run on any Intel based PC and can be easily ported to any MS Windows based platform. This feature can eliminate high installation cost and expensive investment in proprietary hardware.
  5. FWT can be easily supported and maintained because as all components are available of-the-shelf and are available locally. This will eliminate long waiting time in the event of any replacement is required and maintenance cost will be reduced.
  6. FWT is very user friendly, thus one does not require too much training before being able to use it. This will enable the Trainee to easily use the system and make the training more efficient and productive.
  7. FWT is equipped with an interactive text messaging which allow the Instructor to post the questions or instructions to the Trainee.
  8. FWT has the capability to read Electronic Navigation Chart which is digitized to comply with S-57 Standard.


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Latest News

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd has successfully achieved the first milestone in the development of Altriz Naval Training Simulator or ANTS suite by completing the flagship product Fleetwork Trainer module (FWT).

Altriz Technology Sdn Bhd is now actively marketing the product in the region and about to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a local naval training institution

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Altriz Technology's engineers and modelers work very closely together with domain and maritime experts to ensure our simulator products reflect and approximate the actual situations, conditions and procedures in the field. We spent hundred of hours with ex and present mariners and naval officers and used their valuable feedback to continuously improve our products